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FANR is the independent government body charged with regulating and licensing nuclear activities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). FANR also regulates nuclear material, radiation sources and other materials and technology used in medicine, research, oil exploration and other industries. The Authority determines all matters relating to the control and supervision of the nuclear sector in the UAE, in particular those related to nuclear safety and security, radiation protection and safeguards. All obligations under the relevant international treaties, conventions or agreements entered into by the UAE are implemented by FANR. The Authority prohibits the use of nuclear facilities, nuclear material and technology for non-peaceful purposes in order to ensure nuclear non- proliferation, safeguards and nuclear export control, safety, security, and radiation protection.

  • License to conduct a Regulated Activity using Radiation Sources.
  • Import/ Export Permit for Radiation Sources.
  • Notification of Transport of Radiation Sources.
  • Inventory Lists.
  • Dose Records.
  • Inspections (Schedules & Reports).

Please manage to submit your application manually in case of a failure of the e-license portal.

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